Real Love series.

Sunday 6 February, 2011. I will never forget that day because it was a turning point in my life. Up until that time, I had made a string of bad decisions, which left me broken because I was searching for one thing. And the thing I was searching for, was love... Real love. 

I thought I knew love, but it wasn’t lasting. It always failed me or left me hurt. But on Sunday 6 February, 2011, little did I know that my decision to re-commit my life to Jesus, would be the one good decision, that allowed change, healing and restoration to come. But even more than that, it allowed love to come. Real love. So, what I want to talk to you about is this… Real Love.

Since that day those years back, I have finally come to know what real love is. And I want to discuss 4 categories of love that will help you to determine whether or not you know real love and we will continue this over a 4 part series over the next couple of weeks.

Real love Rescues
When you think of rescue, what comes to mind? I literally just typed in 'rescue' on Google and most of what returned in my search had to do with animals. The first news article that popped up in my search was titled: 'Goat dangling from cable by horns rescued in Greece.' The strangest thing I had seen all week. So I clicked on it and in the article, a local veterinarian commented on the scenario on the most likely causes. 

Apparently, goats are known for climbing trees and this unlucky guy managed to get his horns caught in the cables whilst climbing to eat from that scrumptious looking tree. Harmless, at first. All he wanted to do was eat a good meal. I bet he didn't think he'd be needing rescuing that day!

Just like our friend, majority of the time, we are the cause of our distress and getting caught up in the stickiest of situations where we are in need of rescue. At first, the decision we made didn't seem so harmless but soon after, trouble begins to reveal himself. And the thing about needing rescue, is that you can't save yourself. No matter how smart, athletic, strategic you might be.. you need help. 

When you are afraid, who or what do you go to? Who is the person or what is the thing that distracts you or makes you ‘feel’ safe?

Isaiah 43:10-11 (CEV)
“My people, you are my witnesses and my chosen servant. I want you to know me, to trust me, and understand that I alone am God. I have always been God; there can be no others. I alone am the LORD; only I can rescue you.”

The prophet Isaiah writes here about the Israelites during one of the countless times they were being addressed for worshipping idols and other gods. From the time of the Exodus, it was God who rescued them and here the prophet tries to remind them that only God is the one true God who can rescue them.

That promise also remains for us today. Real love can rescue. God can be your rescue. No matter the depth of the pit that you may have found yourself in, who you are or who people say that you are, the truth is that there remains hope and a chance for rescue. But you need to be in a place where you can acknowledge your need of help and know that no person or thing or even yourself can help you or rescue you. 

I have definitely said yes to this kind of love. It has lifted me out from my darkest hours and restored me to hope for my future. After the rescue, comes the slow journey to feeling joy and peace again.

Do you know this love that rescues?

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