I get another chance.. what about you?

Every new year brings a sense of refreshment, don't you think? A chance to start anew and an attempt at making the new year greater than the last. How did you end 2015? Im not talking about the NYE celebrations and countdown to midnight - I'm talking about you and how you felt ending another year. What were your triumphs and your lows last year and how did they define you?... some food for thought for when you get a chance to reflect.

2015 was a big year for me and by big, I mean stretching, triumphant, painful at times, stressing at times, run off my feet so much so, that I actually burnt out. No matter what I said to myself to try and deny the state I was in... I was already there. It wasn't until going on a holiday to Europe for almost 3 weeks did I actually realise how I neglected taking care of myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I finished the year learning one of the biggest lessons of my life - that I am no good to anybody if I don't take care of myself. Now... I heard the little encouragements from friends here and there to look after myself but I wasn't really listening - I thought I had it. "I'm a strong woman - I got this!" is what I told myself but now in hindsight, there really is nothing wrong with needing a little break, needing to rest or relax and find time to spoil myself (did someone say day spa?)...

I understand that there are seasons in life that are just super busy but that doesn't dictate the level of pleasure and enjoyment you could feel in life. You have permission to enjoy and be in love with life by doing the things that you adore and doing the things that make your heart smile..... I missed out on some of those moments that make your heart smile.

So looking back on 2015 here is what I wished I did more of:

  • Go to the beach - seriously, Australia has some of the best beaches in the world and I am not taking full advantage - WHY?! ..
  • Exercise more - hah! always room for improvement there.
  • Blog and journal - these are the best ways I express what's really going inside 
  • Pumped up the music at home when no one is around and dance my little heart out! - I must admit I love to dance
  • Spend more time with friends - I missed out big time on this one 
  • Give myself permission to unwind and have fun
  • Be more in love with life
  • Be fine with saying 'no' to things - I'm glad to say that I've learnt this lesson. So, if I say no to you don't be offended and don't make me feel bad about it.. I am practicing to take care of myself when I say it. 
Now that 2016 has come, I feel and sense such a newness and freshness every single morning..  I am alive, healthy and most of all, I get another chance to do all of the above.. what about you? What will you do this year that you missed out on doing last year?

It's up to you... choose life. 

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