Interview: Danielle Calhoun

I love how the internet is able to connect you to like-minded people from the other side of the world and one special person in particular, Danielle Calhoun.

I met Danielle through my first blog. She reached out to me through a Facebook message with such encouraging words and during a time where I was questioning whether or not my blogging and writing was making a difference. She made contact with me at the perfect time, God time. The more I got to know her the sooner I discovered her gifting. Danielle is a gifted musician, singer and song writer and she has been able to release a new album, and has collaborated with a few other gifted musicians, which I hope you will love. With her beautiful breathless tones and tune, she will surely captivate you and put you to a stand still as her music brings such peace and love. Her new album is called "Find me here."

So it only seemed fitting to host an interview with her on my blog so that we could get to know a little bit more of what lies inside the life and mind of Danielle Calhoun.


Name: Danielle Calhoun

Location: San Diego, CA

Age: I am 23 years old

Favourite colour: Green

Who has inspired you to sing and do what you are doing?
When I was very young I discovered my love for music. Many people that God has placed in my life through the years have motivated and inspired my desire to sing and make music! If it wasn’t for Jesus in them, I might not be who I am today!

What do you hope for your album to achieve?
I just want it to reach the ears of as many people as possible, I want it to touch the lives of everyone who hears it, and draw their spirits closer and closer to Jesus in their personal walk!  

What is your ultimate dream?
To be all that God has destined me to be, so that I may reach all of those who he has destined for me to reach with His power and His Love. And, that I may inspire them to do the same also. To hear the words “well done” at the end of this life would be my ultimate dream, deepest desire, and goal!

Where is one place you would like to travel?
I would love to go to Italy or Greece. They are such beautiful places and I have always had a desire to go!

What are your thoughts or views as a Christian in response to the recent Charleston shootings?
There are many words I could say on this subject, but I feel the most important thing to be said is love. It was so terrible what happened, but it’s just a huge reminder to me that Love is the only answer, And God is Love. The young man who carried out those actions was/is desperately in Need of God’s Love as much as the families of the victims who are hurting. His actions may have been very evil, but in the end evil only comes from one place (Satan). He is just a human caught in the fight between good and evil. No one has all the answers but Love prevails in the end and in the end Love is the only answer! (God is Love). Though tragic for life to be lost, the most powerful force that can overcome is the love of God shed abroad in the hearts of men.

What is one piece of advice that you would give someone?
You are Special, You are Beautiful, You are Desired, You have a Purpose, and Most of All You are LOVED! Don’t ever forget that and Please Don’t ever Give up on your life, No matter what it looks like. God has made you for a destiny and for a reason that goes so far beyond anything you could ever imagine. And you are the key to someone else’s breakthrough! You are worth it, and only you can fulfil the Purpose God has put you on this earth for. Don’t Give Up!

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 
Jeremiah 29:11


To find out more about Danielle and her album you can visit her at .

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