Honeymoon: 'Ia Orana' Bora Bora

Deciding where to go for our honeymoon was a bit of a lengthy process. We definitely wanted to visit some place tropical where we could easily enjoy the sand, the sun and the shores. We appreciate a good tan too. We finally decided to visit Bora Bora - you know, that picture that you choose to use as your desktop background with the beautiful and striking turquoise crystal looking water? Yep, that's the one.

Flying to Bora Bora required us to take 3 flights. We firstly needed to travel from Sydney to Auckland then from Auckland to Papeete, Tahiti and finally, from Papeete to the tropical island of Bora Bora.

When we arrived at the small Bora Bora airport, we were greeted with our boat shuttle crew who took our luggage and escorted us to our resort - The St Regis Bora Bora.

The weather was amazing. Upon arrival as we were approaching the dock of the resort we were greeted with our butlers for the duration of our stay. Each butler held a tray of fresh juice, hot towels for refreshment and each greeted us with, "Welcome, to paradise."

Our butler then showed us to our bungalow and the tour of the resort began. Learning the local tongue was also part of the tour. You will find that you are always greeted with the words 'Ia Orana' (pro: ee-ya-rana) but you need to roll your tongue when you pronounce the 'r' of course! It means 'hello' :)

Our view from the bed in the mornings

As soon as our tour ended, first things first! Jumping off our deck in to the ocean!! Well, not me but hubby did (I eventually jumped off and I'm glad that it's not on camera!)
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The water is amazing. I have never seen water so blue and clear in my life. The resort had quite the activities to keep you busy and the best way to get around is via biking. We enjoyed relaxing hours at the day spa (Clarins) with a body massage which came complimentary from the staff as we were on our honeymoon. There is a gym, tennis court and water activities such as jet skiing, paddle boarding and canoeing to help you appreciate and enjoy the island life of Bora Bora. A must do at the resort is definitely snorkelling in their own lagoon and feeding the fish.

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The resort has great things to do but you definitely want to book a fun tour of the island of Bora Bora or an activity tour to help you see more of the island and not just stay within the resort. You can book it through with the resort staff at their main desk. We chose a private snorkelling tour which only had 6-8 people max. Our tour guide was great, he took us around the island to different snorkelling spots. Our first stop was to look for manta rays and we were lucky to see 1 (they are huuge!). The water on that part of the island was very mirky and dark and I was a tad scared as this was my first time snorkelling. We were then taken to a much shallower part of the island where the water was so clear you could see straight to the bottom. We swam with sting rays, at a distance of course and then we were brought to the amazing coral reef. The reef was so majestic and untouched it was like swimming through an underwater heaven. The colours were vibrant, the marine life were so alive in their habitat, I wish that we had purchased that underwater camera back at the airport in Auckland, NZ. This part of the reef was very shallow so we were instructed to put on our life vests to help keep us at surface level otherwise we would damage the marine life as we swam through. Our next stop was to the lagoon area of the island and we were able to feed the fish (what an experience - I can't wait to do this again!).


The food on the island is great! the only down side is the cost of everything. We looked at the menu as we were planning our trip and packed noodles in our luggage to help save on the coin in Bora Bora.The St Regis has 4 restaurants and also a bar and the cheapest place to eat is at the bar. The burger and chips was my favourite. We still tried all the restaurants at the resort for our dinners and for some of our lunches and breakfasts, we ate noodles. There iss an Italian, Japanese, Te Pahu restaurant and Jean Georges which is a lagoon restaurant because the floor is made of glass so you can see the sharks and fish swim underneath you whilst you eat! This was the priciest restaurant of them all. The food was amazing and the upside is that you were always given freebies! like canapes and desserts at every place you went. The bar had complimentary fresh pineapple pieces, olives (divine) and chips. For the end half of our trip, it rained quite a lot and we were forced to stay inside our bungalow and order room service from the bar. We traveled in March which is wet season for Bora Bora. 

Aparima Bar
Lunch on the desk outside the bungalow
Jean Georges
Seared Tuna @ Jean Georges
Overall we were delighted with our stay. Although we traveled during it's wetter season, the resort wasn't as busy which helped give it that peaceful experience on our honeymoon. We stayed 5 days and 4 nights which was enough to experience the resort and island life. The rain did mean that we weren't able to enjoy 2 full days of this part of our honeymoon and we do plan to come back to Bora Bora someday.

I definitely recommend Bora Bora for your travels. It is stunning, beautiful and picturesque. The marine life is incredible, the locals are friendly and it is a great escape from a busy lifestyle. Put it on your bucket list!!

Coconut, anyone?

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